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Identity and address of the responsible parties

SlotOne S.R.L (hereinafter, “S1Gateway”, “our”, or “we”) is concerned with the confidentiality and security of its users and is committed to protect their privacy and comply with all applicable regulations regarding the protection of individual personal data. S1Gateway is responsible for collecting such personal data, and we are located at Hipólito Yrigoyen 636 – 5th floor – C1086AAJ – City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Description of the Privacy Notice

The terms used in this privacy notice (hereinafter, the “Notice”) will have the definition assigned to them by the applicable law (hereinafter, the “Law”), except for those herein expressly defined. This Notice specifies the type of data collected by S1Gateway, the purpose of such data processing, and the rights entailed to the holder.
Please be aware of certain terms related to the use of our YouTube related features. Therefore, you acknowledge and agree that by signing up for an account and using the service, you are also bound by the YouTube Terms of Service (including the Google Privacy Policy).

Personal data collected by S1Gateway

Personal data that may be collected by S1Gateway include (i) names, surnames, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, any information provided or to be provided by the user during the term of the contractual or business relationship; (ii) personal data related to services provided by S1Gateway in the performance of its obligation, such as customer care services, administrative and other general services (hereinafter referred together as the “Services”), (iii) technical information related to the access to and/or use of the Services, such as date, time and duration of service access, and (iv) any other data collected from time to time as a result of the provision of the Services, by operation of law, order by competent authority, or other sources authorized by law. All personal information identifying the user, disclosed directly or through any means of contact/online public forum, may be collected and processed by S1Gateway.

S1Gateway collects data in good faith, therefore, it assumes that such data are true, correct, and complete, and identify the person providing them. It is the sole responsibility of the holder that the data provided to S1Gateway meet these characteristics and are updated when required. Likewise, S1Gateway reserves the right to take relevant action in case of receiving false data.

Use of cookies

Our service may send a cookie to your PC. A cookie is a small text file downloaded into your browser by a web service and stored in your hard drive. Cookies allow you to be recognized as user while connected to our platform and every time you visit our site to facilitate and improve the browsing experience. Cookies may also be used to customize the application. You can opt out of cookies by disabling them in your browser. S1Gateway does not keep encrypted personal information in the cookies. 

Log files, IP address and browser information

Every time you visit our website, S1Gateway receives your PC IP address, the OS and the browser used, as well as the internet service provider. In some cases, S1Gateway may also receive GPS location of the device being used. This information may be used by S1Gateway to improve the user experience when using S1Gateway services.

¿What does S1Gateway collect personal data for?

Personal data may be processed and used by S1Gateway and/or our subsidiaries and/or affiliates, and/or national and/or foreign third parties to perform some or all of the activities related to the performance of the obligations derived from the contractual and/or business relationship, or the provision of the Services, in order to communicate the users the launch or changes of new products, services, promotions and/or offerings by us and/or any third party, conduct research on consumption or market patterns, as well as for any other activity intended to promote, maintain, improve and evaluate the Services.

Personal data may be transferred to third parties

S1Gateway may transfer any personal data received and/or collected, or to be received and/or collected from its users, to its subsidiaries and/or affiliates, and or national and/or foreign third parties, and/or any competent authority upon request, for the purpose described in the abovementioned paragraph. The transfer of the user’s personal data is limited to those acts, facts and/or procedures S1Gateway must implement to perform its contractual, regulatory and/or business obligations in the course of its operations. If users do not oppose to the transfer of their personal data, it will be assumed that they have provided consent.

Means to exercise access, rectification, cancelation or opposition rights

S1Gateway has the technical, material and human rights required to ensure that the user’s personal data are treated pursuant to the law. At any point in time, the user will have the right to request S1Gateway the exercise of those rights granted by law, by sending a request in writing to the following email address: It is understood that in order for S1Gateway to properly respond to any of the requests referred to in this section, the user’s request must contain, at least, the following information: (i) Full name of the user, (ii) Phone Number, (iii) brief description of the purpose of the request, and (iv) reason for the request. We will respond to the request within the term established by law to the email address of the sender.

The user acknowledges and accepts that one of the purposes of personal data processing is to perform the contractual and/or business obligations the user has and/or will have with S1Gateway; therefore, the user may not opt out and/or oppose to the processing of personal data that may and/or might affect and/or restrict the performance of such obligations.


S1Gateway uses the best practices in the market to keep the information collected secure. This includes the use of HTTPS and SSL, which encrypt all the data transmitted. 

Certain personal data, such as logins, are encrypted during transmission by SSL. Furthermore, S1Gateway works with top rated providers to render the service. These providers have been selected for their high quality standards in physical security and technology. 

Changes to the Privacy Notice

S1Gateway expressly reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or delete parts of this Notice at any time.  In such case, S1Gateway will post in the website any change made to the Notice and the date of the latest version. To the extent that the user does not request, in the terms abovementioned, to opt out and/or oppose the processing of personal data and keeps accessing and/or using, partially or completely, the Services, we will assume that the user has accepted and consented such changes and/or modifications.

By providing personal data to S1Gateway, the user expressly acknowledges and accepts this Notice, as modified or adjusted from time to time, and provides consent for the processing of such personal data by S1Gateway, as explained herein. In case the user does not accept this Notice, the user may exercise the right granted by Law, as described above. We warn that our products and/or services may contain links to web sites, applications that use S1Gateway and services by other companies that have their own privacy policies or notices, which we suggest users to refer to for further information.

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