Integrating WhatsApp to the Contact Center with S1

It is possible to service your clients with WhatsApp through S1

Since 2018 Whatsapp Business has become a reality

Clients have been using Whatsapp for years but there was one pending issue: the platform would not open its doors to companies to allow them to communicate with other social platforms

The latter partially occurred at the beginning of 2018 with the launching of WhatsApp Business . However, this was fully completed in August with the addition of an API that enables total integration

Whatsapp has 1.5 billion active users on monthly basis, and it is the most popular message application in many countries. There is no doubt about the relevance of this channel and the huge impact it will have on users experience.

S1 Gateway immediately started the integration process. We also created this space to communicate news and to be up to date of everything related to this new player, recently added to customer attention.


Key Metrics

Channel performance can be measured in the same way that is done in other channels and it can also be compared with them. Key KPIs like ASA, AHT or any other type will be available as well.

Intelligent Management

A more efficient management will be possible through ACD availability, by the use of IA integrated to your backend, and SLA configuration.

Customer Familiarity

Whatsapp has 97% messages open rate and is present in our day-to-day routine. Strengthen the bond with your clients by being part of their daily life.


How to start?
Currently, the official API is available so that every company can apply for it . The first step is to request access by visiting this form:
¿What should BPOs do? (solutions providers)
Once you access to the request form, Whatsapp asks if you want to use the API as a final client or as BPO. In the case of the second group of clients (BPOs), the Company announced that, over time, they will select some companies that are specialised in client communication. For this reason, we recommend you to apply to this API or to contact your Facebook agent for management.
What are the conditions and request approval times?
WhatsApp did not publish required conditions or provided request approval times. This is why conditions and approval times are not crystal clear and they depend exclusively on WhatsApp.
If I have already used Whatsapp to provide customer attention. Can I reuse that number?
No. Business WhatsApp API requires a clean number. You will find more technical questions about this API on Facebook developers site.
Will this have any cost?
WhatsApp announced that companies will pay if certain type of messages are sent so that they become selective when sending messages. This will be done in order to avoid users chats congestion.
How to integrate WhatsApp to S1?
Request should be approved by WhatsApp as a starting point. Once approval is a obtained, you will be able to contact our support team for specialised assistance. A time span is required to enable channel integration to our platform.
Which are the benefits of integrating WhatsApp to S1?
By integrating this channel to S1 it will be possible to have all the benefits currently available for other channels, for example: reply to all messages through ACD, implement specialised bots, obtain key metrics among many others.
More frequently asked questions
For technical questions about this API, please visit Facebook developers site:

For questions related to Whatsapp Business features and functionalities, you can access to:


Official API Launching | August 1st, 2018

WhatsApp Business has been available for months but the absence of an official API does not allow the integration of contact centers with their Customer Service Software in a secure way. From today on, thsimple API has become a reality and companies can now request this API directly to WhatsApp by accessing to this simple form:

WhatsApp Business Launching | January 18th, 2018

With the introduction of WhatsApp Business, companies will be able to communicate with their clients. in a better way. This will be achieved by creating verified companies profiles that can provide useful information such as company description, email, address and website. Moreover, the application includes some tools that have been specifically designed for enterprises.
Unfortunately, there are still no news about the official API launching. As we have already explained in our blog, this does not allow the integration of a channel with a Customer Service Software causing headaches to Contact Centers.

WhatsApp Business Announcement | September 5th, 2017

WhatsApp finally announced what Customer Service industry has been waiting for: “We are developing and testing new tools through WhatsApp Business free application for small companies or enterprises, and also a business solution for bigger companies that operate at large scale with a global clientele such as airlines, e-commerce companies and banks”.

This is just the beginning and we estimate that it will take several months until we receive any official news from the company.

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