Artificial Intelligence to improve customer service and reduce costs


Frustration free

S1 BOT works together with your customer service team to offer your customers a unique experience: fast and frustration-free. It is intelligent and intervenes only when it knows how to answer, referring the case to the right agent in case it does not, thus reducing talk times.

Cost savings and higher productivity

Reduces the number of interactions handled by humans, automating case management and taking over repetitive processses. Saves agent management time by reducing AHT up to 40%. Bot performance is monitored by means of detailed metrics that allow for optimization and operation productivity improvement

Cost reduction

Up to 40% AHT reduction by automating case management and taking over repetitive processes

Improves Customer Service

It guarantees customers receive a timely answer in every contact. All the time.

It is multichannel

No matter where your clients choose to reach you.
S1 Bot improves their experience in every channel conected to S1 Gateway.

Natural Language Processing

This process allows the incoming messages auto classification through 4 steps

Machine learning

Continuous learning based on feedback. The system learns over time and increases the level of comprehension accuracy.

The future of Customer Service, Today.










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