The solution to ensure the best customer experience in digital channels

S1 is a software that organizes, prioritizes and refers your clients messages to the proper agent, at the right moment through any channel. Easy and effortless!

A Social Engagement platform for professional Customer Service

S1 Gateway keeps your clients as the center of your operation

The solution to boost your contact center

Manage your critical processes fast, simply and precisely.

Patagonia Capital Partners invests in S1Gateway

Meet S1 Gateway

S1 Gateway is a customer service software that boosts user experience and improves the relationship between people and businesses. It combines all the digital channels into a single platform. Besides, it understands and refers each message to the right agent or bot, maximizing processes and reducing the case handling time.

Increase your return of investment

The platform improves the operation productivity and it also reduces service times. Our reports and dashboards optimize your staff performance as it simplifies analysis processes and guarantees right decision-making.

Artificial Intelligence to improve customer service and reduce costs

Up to 40% AHT reduction by automating case management and taking over repetitive processes

Help your clients before they face a problem.

Proactive chats to provide support to your clients at the right time, with customized messages based on their behaviour and characteristics.



24/7 support

Personalized support 7x24x365



Most of our clients are referrals


NPS Score



High Availability 99.99%

High availability to ensure our service


"Thanks to S1 we were able to establish a homogeneous identity as an internet brand. We increased customer service hours through new channels, thus being more competitive."

Carola Córdoba
Head of Call Center – Claro Digital Channels

"Undoubtedly, S1 simplifies and organizes tasks providing better controls and operating efficiency. This translates into internal and customer improvements. I like its agility and simplicity."

Ana Cecilia Mattera
Head of Shelf Services & Contact Center – ICBC Argentina

"S1 is the most versatile tool that I have ever used. It is better than any other available in the market and it is one step forward in integration and functionality. In addition to the platform, they offer great online support and first rate professionals."

Andres Elizeche Real
Head of Contact Center – General Management Paraguay

"S1 became a vital business partner that allowed us to grow as an omni-channel solution in South and North American region. This tool turned out to be very effective regarding performance and contacts resolution. This is related to its intuitive use since it was developed from a telephone exchange logic."

Pablo Seralvo
Regional Business Solution Manager

Enhance your contact center with our platform

The future of customer service, today.


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